The Issues

Supporting Small Businesses, Growing Local Economies

I’m proud to have spent 40 years operating a small business, with all the challenges and rewards it brings. Entrepreneurs like me create the majority of jobs in our community, but for years, Lansing bureaucrats have been focused on handing out billions in tax cuts for big corporations. I want to use my small business experience to help others succeed as I have so they can create good-paying jobs in the community and help the middle class thrive again.

Revenue Sharing That Makes our Community Strong

During my tenure on the Tecumseh City Council and then as mayor, I saw revenue sharing from the state decrease dramatically. Cities and counties across the state are passing millages to pay for infrastructure improvements — raising their own taxes because Lansing is too focused on pleasing special interests and wealthy donors. I know how to spend tax money wisely, and at the state Capitol, I’ll make sure that local governments can provide the vital services their citizens need for safe, strong, vibrant communities.

World-Class Education: A Foundation for Success

Lenawee County schools need adequate resources to give our kids the best education possible so they can go on to achieve great things. But school funding hasn’t kept up with inflation in recent years, and that has led to schools with overcrowded classrooms and outdated materials. Investing in education is an investment in our future, and we can’t afford to shortchange our kids. I’ll also fight to keep higher education costs down so that no student is priced out of a promising career.

Government Accountability and Transparency

I believe we need more transparency and accountability in our state government. Lansing politicians voted to spend $134 million taxpayer dollars to buy a lavish and unnecessary office building from one of their largest donors and privatized the Grand Rapids Veterans Home, benefitting another major donor and leading to neglect and abuse of veterans. This has to stop. As State Representative, I will stand up to these sweetheart deals and ensure government works for the taxpayers, not wealthy special interest groups.

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