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As a pharmacist, I have spent the past 35 years building a successful business here in Lenawee County. I operate three pharmacies that employ 40 people. While serving as Mayor of Tecumseh, I fought to make sure new businesses had the tools they needed to create jobs. 

I know what it takes to create jobs and that is why you need to send me to Lansing. As your next State Representative, I will work every day to help grow middle-class jobs here in Lenawee County.

My wife, Pat and I are proud parents of three children and have four grandchildren. We want our grandchildren to grow up here, in Michigan, with the opportunity to hold good-paying jobs and share in the dream that all of us in the middle-class share.

To me it’s simple–our government needs to be leaner and stop wasteful spending and use every tax dollar wisely. We are going to have to make major changes in how Lansing does business and break the grip of the special interest groups. You can count on me to answer to the people of Lenawee County and to no one else.

I need your support and your vote on August 7th.

Thank you,
Harvey Schmidt

PS – Follow and join my campaign on Twitter, find me on Facebook and circle me on Google+, or call me at (517) 424-8683.